OACIS (pronounced oasis) Research is a single person company dedicated to providing highly customized human engineering services. As an introduction, my name is Wayne Walls. I am located in the Los Angeles area and have been doing business as OACIS since 1994. For well over 15 years, I have been combining my background in human performance evaluation with experience in software development and applying it to user interface design. The name OACIS is an acronym for the five elements that characterize my approach to this activity. My goal is to meet my client's requirements through a customized application of one or more of these elements:

Organization to identify and understand the requirements and needs of all the users of a system.

Analysis of these requirements resulting in a successful integration with the users job or task environment.

Creativity that leads to a successful translation of requirements into design.

Iteration of a proposed design that incorporates ongoing user input and evaluation.

Simulation of the design to provide timely, cost-effective evaluations prior to final implementation.

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